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Terms & Conditions

Our specialist cleaning and restoration techniques often yield great results.


However we do not promise, warrant or guarantee to remove any or all stains, defects or items that are in very poor condition.


This includes stains, defects and faults which only become apparent during the cleaning, repair or restoration process.

Similarly, we cannot promise, warrant or guarantee that we will be able to disguise and or repair serious damages that your footwear or accessories have when carrying out our work.

We carry out our work to a very high standard and can only go as in depth as the materials will allow. 


It is also possible that, notwithstanding our best efforts, any attempt to clean, repair or restore your items may aggravate the damaged and surrounding area.


We bear no liability for any such damage. Please note that you bear the risks of all works performed on the items.


1. Acceptance: Utilising our cleaning services constitutes acceptance of these terms.


2. Cleaning Outcome: You acknowledge cleaning may reveal underlying scuffs or stains indicative of permanent damage.


3. Damage Types: Recognise that damage may arise from wear, dye transfer, or ingrained dirt, varying by sneaker material and use.


4. Additional Treatment: You agree that further services may be necessary, subject to the material and condition of the sneakers. A quote will be sent which can be approved or declined.


5. Service Limitations: Acknowledge that not all damage is reversible, and some permanent marks may remain post-treatment, with effectiveness varying by condition and material.


6. Maintenance: Understanding regular maintenance is crucial for mitigating long-term damage.


7. Customer Responsibility: You're responsible for providing accurate sneaker information and adhering to any specific care instructions.


8. Liability: The service provider is not liable for pre-existing damages or issues beyond the agreed services.


9. Amendments: Terms may be updated periodically, with continued service use constituting agreement.


10. Governing Law: These terms are governed by the laws applicable where the services are provided.

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